Fairy Dust BackgroundIn your quiet moments, have you listened to the whispers?  A whisper that reminds you of plans you made, actions you took, and sacrifices you  made in order to pursue a dream that most likely was put on hold?

I’ve heard the whispers and smiled and said … “someday.” And I meant it. Then “someday” arrives and the whispers are no longer whispers. They are firm and pleading and determined to get your attention. They demand to be acknowledged.

The good news is we’re more mature, more experienced, more selective, and, I dare say, wiser. Yes, our dreams plead to be dusted off and given their moment to shine. And we think …”why not?” And we believe in our heart we can succeed, if we only try. So we proceed to explore this old idea and dust off the dream.

A few good questions to answer:

  1.  Is the dream still relevant? Do I want to continue in the same manner I used to believe would bring the greatest satisfaction and success? Or do I forge a slightly altered course? We may find a new course that never occurred to us in our earlier years.
2.  Is this dream a fit for my current reality, whether family, location, or
      any number of issues that may restrict our dream coming to fruition?
      This question needs a fair and honest assessment.


3.  If I don’t have the education required, is it possible for me to obtain the
      training I need? And in attaining the additional training I need, is it
      workable and not to the detriment of all those concerned?


Well, my dreams pleaded with me to pay them attention. So I did. And I found my dream still very much desired and, yes, it had changed it’s shape, but it was the same old dream.  So the path would be different, and I very much felt enthusiastic about how my dream had morphed into this exciting new goal!


I knew my current reality would not conflict with my dream and would actually be much more manageable with my family and location than ever could have been imaginable. I could pace myself in order to not hit burn-out and drop the dream.


I also realized that I did possess the education needed to pursue my dream because it was in the family of my dream of long ago, albeit in need of some additional training. This discovery was beyond thrilling!


Most importantly, I was at total ease to set out to complete my goals because I knew, deep in my heart and soul, that I was ready to proceed down that path and do my “life’s work.”  Not for money, power, or fame, but because I felt good about my contribution to this world!


So I set out and dusted off my dream and followed the path to fulfill MY goals! This blog and my dream to help others re-discover how amazing they are and live the most authentic and holistic life possible is coming true.
This is what I am about and my blog will share my love of life and pursuit to live it simply, happily, balanced and loved!  These are the most precious things in life to me.


So here I am and I ask you, “Do you have the desire to dust off the dream?”



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